A law student can be president of the Vietnam Dairy Association?

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Can a law student be president of the Vietnam Dairy Association? How to join Vietnam Dairy Association? I am currently a law student, because my family has a tradition in the dairy business, so I also want to guide me in this industry, and through research, this industry has the Vietnam Dairy Association, so I want to try myself as the President of the association. Vietnamese milk. So can I ask if a law student can be the president of the Vietnam Dairy Association? I thank you! 

Nội dung này được Ban biên tập LawNet tư vấn như sau:

Can a law student be president of the Vietnam Dairy Association?

Pursuant to Clause 3, Article 15 of Decision 607/QD-BNV in 2010 stipulating the executive committee, the tasks and powers of the Executive Board are as follows:

3. Tasks and powers of the Executive Board:

a) Decide on measures to implement resolutions and program of activities for the term of the General Meeting;

b) To decide on the annual program and work plan and notify the results of the Executive Committee's activities to the branches and members;

c) Approving the annual financial plan and settlement; decide the annual membership fee for members.

d) Regulations on organization and operation of specialized committees, offices of the Association, representative offices of regions, regulations on principles, regimes, use and management of assets and finance of the Association;

d) Electing and removing leadership titles of the Association: President, Vice President, General Secretary and Deputy Secretary General;

e) Appoint heads of specialized committees, heads of representative offices of the Association;

g) Prepare content, agenda and documents for submission to the General Meeting;

h) Decide to convene the term General Meeting or the annual meeting of delegates;

i) Considering admission and expulsion of members;

k) Additional election of the Executive Committee at the request of the general meeting (maybe the annual general meeting), the number of additional members depending on work needs, but not exceeding 30% of the number of existing members.

Pursuant to Clause 4, Article 8 of the above Decision, the benefits of members are as follows:

4. To be able to stand for election, nomination and election to the Executive Board and other positions of the Association.

Pursuant to Article 7 of this Decision, the members are as follows:

Thus, to become the President of the Vietnam Dairy Association, you need to become a member of the association and be elected as the President of the Vietnam Dairy Association. And to become a member, it does not require a certificate, just you operates in fields related to milk production, business and technical services for the dairy industry.

How to join Vietnam Dairy Association?

Pursuant to Article 9 of the above Decision, the procedures for joining the Vietnam Dairy Association are as follows:

1. Organizations and individuals mentioned in Article 7 wishing to join the Association should submit their application for membership to the Association's Executive Board.

2. Dossier to join the Association includes the following documents:

a) A voluntary application to join the Association;

b) A copy of the business registration certificate (for enterprises);

c) Member's declaration according to the prescribed form.

The Association's Executive Board will consider and admit members at the nearest meeting according to the majority principle.

New members must pay membership fees within 15 days of being admitted.

Best regards!

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